The Budget Unit includes budget staff, the procurement manager and the grants manager.

Budget - Budget staff prepares the annual budget request for the Judicial Branch, monitors and responds to legislative requests on proposed new legislation, interacts with the Joint Budget Committee, prepares annual allocations of appropriated funds and monitors all the budgets throughout the Branch.

Procurement - The procurement manager oversees all purchasing functions including RFP's, RDQ's, selecting vendors, furniture/capital outlay purchasing and oversees district facility projects from a budget perspective.

Grant Management -- The grant manager oversees the grant process for the Branch and facilitates all grant requests, setting up grant accounting/budget codes, grant budget monitoring, quarterly reporting and grant compliance.

Budget Staff

Name E-Mail Address Phone Assignments
Vacant     Budget Manager - Manages the budget unit; oversees the annual budget request process and coordinates the legislative/fiscal note process.
Ginger Hella ginger.hella@judicial.state.co.us 720-625-5846 Senior Budget Analyst – Trial Court and Appellate Court Budgets, Budget Execution Lead.
Melissa Dominguez melissa.dominguez@judicial.state.co.us 720-625-5854 Senior Budget Analyst - Probation and Administration budgets, Budget Allocation Lead.
Nancy Allen nancy.allen@judicial.state.co.us 720-625-5858

Procurement Manager

Linda Edwards linda.edwards@judicial.state.co.us 720-625-5852 Grant Manager
Business Resources

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