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How to Prepare for Your Mediation Service
 Mediation Preparation 

Mediation is a voluntary, problem-solving process assisted by a neutral third party. The basic premise of mediation is that the parties involved
in a dispute are best able to resolve the dispute.  In addition, parties are generally more satisfied with, and have greater ownership in,
solutions which they have a role in creating. Even if total resolution of a dispute is not accomplished through mediation, the process can assist 
parties to identify the underlying reasons for the dispute, narrow and clarify the issues, and discover areas of common ground where potential
for agreement may exist.


Prepare a pre-conference statement (called a confidential settlement statement) 10 days before the scheduled mediation. 
The  pre-conference statement should include:
  • A list of issues you want to resolve during mediation.
  • Identify your needs and interest in relation to these issues.
  • Write down or list your understanding of the needs and interests of other parties.
  • Bring to the mediation session copies of any court orders, financial documents, and other information pertaining to the dispute. 

If child support is an issue, documentation of income and a completed Financial Affadavit will be needed by the mediator.

Reduced Fee Application Form Instructions  
Reduced Fee Application Form JDF211 (Very limited funds to assist with payment- see instructions)

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