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Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) Mediators and Other ADR Professionals Bios

Although the State of Colorado does not certify, license, or otherwise regulate mediators, ODR mediators must meet certain minimum qualifications, including 40 hours of mediation training, experience as a mediator, and substantive knowledge in the subject area in which they are seeking to provide services.

Denver/Boulder/Jefferson/ Adams Counties
G. Baker
J. Cella
C. Coates
M. Davies
C. Harned
J. Hall
N. McCullough
S. Ortner
K. Thompson
S. Walter

North East Region
D. Doiel
T. Dueber
J. Field
C. Fleetwood
H. Panetta


Lincoln  Counties
S. Demidovich
K. Head   
E. Elledge
D. Scott
K. Timmons
M. Travers

North West Region
L. Dragon
L. Gelman
S. Jennings
L. Mactavish
B. Philip
D. Tuley
H. Young


Colorado Springs
V. Etheridge
C. Hessel
M. Maday
M. McKenna
B. Rudge

South East Region
H. Geisel
C. Hessel
D. Manley

South West Region
P. Bogardus
I. Borof
B. Hughson
H. Nelson
T. Winslow

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