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Answers to Questions About Dependency and Neglect
                    *When is a child considered dependent or neglected?
                    *Who might play a role in your dependency and neglect case?
                    * How is child abuse reported?
                    * What is the court process in dependency and neglect cases?

Answers to Questions About Domestic Appointments:
                    *How do I get appointed in domestic cases?
                    *What if I have questions or concerns about my court-appointed professional?

Answers to Questions About Child Support Enforcement:
                    *I am not receiving my child support payments, what do I do?
                    *How do I start a case?
                    *How do I calculate my child support payments?
                    *What resources are available for parents?

Answers to Questions About Probate:
                    *What is a guardian? How do I get appointed?
                    *What is a conservator? How do I get appointed?
                    *How do I temporarily delegate decision-making authority over my child?
                    *Where can I get probate forms?

Answers to Questions About Alternative Dispute Resolution / Mediation Services:
                    *What is mediation?
                    *What kind of services are available?
                    *What happens in mediaton?
                     FLYER-- What do you do when you are seperated or divorced parents and are in conflict?


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