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Court Improvement Programs/Dependency and Neglect

The Court Improvement Program (CIP)  is primarily concerned with improving the way the individual courts in Colorado handle dependency and neglect cases in order to improve the safety, permanency and well-being outcome for the children and families the court serves.

The Respondent Parents’ Counsel (RPC) play a critical role in achieving good outcomes for children involved in dependency and neglect proceedings by protecting due process and statutory rights, presenting balanced information to judges and promoting the preservation of family relationships.  The Colorado Office of the State Court Administrator administers state-paid RPC services throughout Colorado.  Through the support of the Court Improvement Program, the state offers training and support to RPC throughout Colorado.  In 2005, a Respondent Parents' Counsel Task Force was created through the Court Improvement Program to study the needs of RPC throughout Colorado and make recommendations for reform.  The Task Force's final report was issued in September 2007, and the Court Improvement Program continues to support the implementation of the recommendations of the Task Force.

The Family Justice Information System (FAMJIS) program is designed to develop effective business, managment and information systems to keep children in safe and permanent environments, and to achieve improved outcomes for families.  FAMJIS is a system where agencies and departments with common business needs share the collection and electronic transfer of information. 

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