Colorado Collaborative Justice Conference

This conference is a joint-effort by the Correctional Treatment Board and the Judicial Problem-Solving Court Program. The goal is to promote collaborative and effective treatment responses for offenders by enhancing and strengthening team relationships across the criminal justice continuum.  The conference is targeted toward statewide problem-solving court teams and local treatment boards in each judicial district.

Our plenary speakers this year are Dr. Natasha Frost, Dr. Stephanie Covington and Tonier Cain.  The agenda includes presentations on best practices, sanctions and incentives, criminal risk and treatment, risk need responsivity, successful reentry, leadership and teamwork, Amendment 64 updates, The Affordable Care Act, marijuana and impaired driving, early childhood truama and brain development, family engagement, male and female truama, secondary trauma and many more exciting topics!

Space is limited due to the size of the conference and each team is limited to an allotted number of slots.


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