ICON/Eclipse Case Management

EclipseICON/Eclipse is the current case management system for the trial courts in Colorado. ICON is the RPG IV-ILE programming that feeds a db2 database which resides on an IBM iSeries model 550. This program was deployed Statewide in 1997. Five years later, ITS staff put a GUI front end on ICON called Eclipse. This system will be replaced by a new JAVA based system called jPOD in 2011.

ICON/Eclipse covers all case types in all state funded District and County courts in Colorado. It is the case management system for the
trial courts, probation, and jury commissioners, and is the core database for numerous data exchanges between the courts and other state/federal governmental entities, including a Statewide CICJIS system. ICON/Eclipse also fully integrates with the Statewide electronic case filing system for attorneys managed by LEXIS/NEXIS for the Colorado Courts, and also feeds the Statewide public access system also managed by LEXIS/NEXIS for the Colorado Courts.

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