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Information Technology ServicesThe primary objective of the ITS division is to provide decision makers with the most current, accurate, valid and complete information possible so they can make the most informed decisions.

To best accomplish this, ITS staff must:

  • promote and enhance efficiencies in the daily operations of the Judicial Branch;
  • identify and implement best business practices;
  • recommend business and technology policies as appropriate;
  • respond to daily Q&As from the the courts and the public;
  • update record retention policies and procedures;
  • staff various Branch committees;
  • develop and support all software applications for the Judicial Branch;
  • provide business and application software training;
  • work with the field in identifying, developing, implementing and supporting new technologies that will support business needs;
  • interface with other agencies in implementing data and information exchanges;
  • and design, implement and support the technical infrastructure needed to conduct the Branch’s business.

ITS consists of four units:

  • Executive Services
  • Application Development Services
  • ICCES E-filing Services
  • Technical Services


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