Training and Education Subcommittee

A Training and Education Subcommittee was formed in 2012 to develop guidelines for Colorado problem solving courts for training and education. The Training and Education Subcommittee has developed Training and Education Guidelines for Adult Drug Courts, which were adopted into the Colorado Problem Solving Courts Best Practices Manual. The Training and Education Subcommittee is also developing a phased curriculum of trainings and resources, with an initial focus on essential trainings for new members. The current listing of trainings and resources can be found in Training and Education Recommended Resources under Adult Drug or Treatment Court, or by clicking here.


For Committee Members:

The following PDF portfolios contain the resources you have collected on the respecitve Phase II Topics -- Click on the button beneath the Topic to view the resources.  If you have any trouble viewing the portfolio, please check that your Adobe Software is up to date.


Medication Assisted Treatment                                 Motivational Interviewing                                 Psychopharmacology                              



   Ethics and Confidentiality                           Evidence Based Practices and Treatment                     Stages of Change                       



      Understanding Relapse & Recovery                                 Co-Occuring Disorders                                        Assessments



          Trauma/PTSD/TBI                                                     Secondary Trauma                                      Cultural Competency





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