Information for Language Interpreter Independent Contractors


The Colorado Judicial Department is required to provide language interpretation services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals for matters before the court as defined in Chief Justice Directive 06-03. Interpreters provide official communication between LEP individuals and officers of the court, including hearing officers, lawyers, defendants, witnesses and investigators, whether in the courtroom or out.

The Colorado Court Interpreter Program establishes a list of qualified professional contract interpreting vendors who meet language proficiency and interpreting performance levels required to provide language interpretation services as required by Chief Justice Directive 06-03.  We are interested in maintaining the most qualified and diverse roster of interpreters to provide foreign language interpretation services for Limited English Proficient customers. To establish this roster we require all vendors interested in providing foreign language interpretation services to submit their qualifications.







What does this mean? All vendors interested in providing foreign language interpreter services must submit their qualifications using the Language Interpreter Qualification Information Form (see below).
What is the deadline?

Submissions will be available and accepted on an ongoing basis from qualified vendors.

* Please note that the Court Interpreter Program cannot execute an agreement with a vendor to provide language interpreting services until the vendor has completed this application process.

How do I Request Approval? 

Who do I contact with questions?

Please direct procedural questions (i.e., forms, timelines, etc.) regarding this process to:
     Claudia Iglesias at email
     Email contact is preferred.

Please email specific technical questions regarding the Court Interpreter Program to:
     Emy López at email
     Email contact is preferred.


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