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Questions about the Court Interpreter Program & Certification?

Practice Examination Kits are available from the Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification. The Kits are designed to provide examination candidates with a step-by-step process to increase their understanding of four basic things: what a real Consortium performance examination looks like, the scoring methodology used by the Consortium to score oral examinations, what a passing performance is really like, and self-assessment of one's own level of skill and readiness to take a Consortium exam. 

The following kits and other reference and study guides can be found at the National Center for State Courts interpreter resources site:

  • Practice Exam Kit - Spanish

  • Practice Exam Kit - Spanish Dictionaries

  • Practice Exam Kit - All English

  • Practice Exam Kit - English Dictionaries

Court Interpreter Program Policies and Guidelines

Resource Documents for Interpreters

  • Interpretation of Sound Files on the Record (March 2011)
    [Office of Language Access, Colorado Judicial Department]
  • "Modes of Interpreting: Simultaneous, Consecutive, & Sight Translation" 
    [NAJIT Position Paper]
  • "The Cost of Interpreters Using Interruptions in the Courtroom"
    [ATA Chronicle]
  • "Resources for Professional Development of Spanish Court Interpreters"
    [State of New Jersey]
  • "Glossary of Legal Terms (English<>Spanish)" [Washington Courts]

Interpreter & Translator Organizations

Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters


National Association of Judicial Interpreters & Translators


Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification



American Translator’s Association



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