Annual Recidivism Study Reports

The Judicial Branch’s Division of Probation Services annually prepares a report on recidivism among probationers.  These reports use two definitions of recidivism: one that pertains to pre-release recidivism/failure (while still on probation supervision) and the second pertaining to recidivism post-release (after terminating from probation supervision). These are defined as follows:

 Pre-release recidivism/failure: An adjudication or conviction for a felony or misdemeanor, or a technical violation relating to a criminal offense, while under supervision in a criminal justice program. 

Post-release recidivism: A filing for a felony or misdemeanor within one year of termination from program placement for a criminal offense.

Recidivism Report - FY2013 (releases from probation FY2012)
Recidivism Report - FY2012 (releases from probation FY2011)
Recidivism Report - FY2011 (releases from probation FY2010)
Recidivism Report - FY2010  (releases from probation FY2009)

Recidivism Report - FY2009  (releases from probation FY2008)
Recidivism Report – FY2008 (releases from probation FY2007)
Recidivism Report – FY2007 (releases from probation FY2006)
Recidivism Report – FY2006 - Revised January 15, 2007 (releases from probation FY2005)
Recidivism Report – FY2005 (releases from probation FY2004)
Recidivism Report – FY2004 (releases from probation FY2003)
Recidivism Report – FY2003 (releases from probation FY2002)
Recidivism Report – FY2002 (releases from probation FY2001)

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