Internal Communication Concerning the Program

The Colorado Judicial Department’s Statement of Policy contained within this program description shall be distributed to all Department judicial officers and employees when this program is adopted, and thereafter distributed to each new judicial officer and employee upon hire. It shall also be posted on courthouse bulletin boards, along with Federal Equal Employment Opportunity posters. It will be made available on the Colorado Judicial Department’s Intranet site. The Colorado Judicial Department EEO/Diversity Plan shall be distributed to all Chief Judges, Judicial District Administrators, Clerks of Court, Judges, and Supervisors, and shall be available to judicial officers and employees upon request through the Human Resources Division of the State Court Administrator’s office.

Articles concerning the EEO/Diversity Plan shall be featured periodically in the Department’s newsletters and publications as appropriate, and shall be included in management handbooks, annual reports, and policy manuals.

Training related to diversity in the workplace, harassment, and sexual harassment shall be provided to all employees and judges.

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